CEO's Message

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce to you the formation of Upayas Infotech Private Limited, a neutral service provider in the field of Security surveillance, Information technology, and Telecommunication. I take this opportunity to welcome all of our customers and the staff as apart of our team.

Upayas is formed with a vast array of experience around two decades in the field of Service delivery. The core team of Upayas understands the market needs and based on their expertise had made it available to its customers at all channels. Our reach and service understanding makes us preferred partner for our valued customers.

India is a growing nation in many fields and the growth is creating new opportunities in the services industry with services becoming more and more Crucial. Hence Upayas with its experience in Pre-sales and post-sales services support is ideally placed to play an important role in this growth. As is communicated earlier service has no boundary, in each segment of life service is an essential factor to be considered. At Upayas service is considered as worship. It is worship towards mankind, towards Nation.

Being a third party service provider Upayas will now be able to provide a wide range of services. With a customer centric approach, comprehensive array of services, Upayas is designed to keep its customers with highest level of customer satisfaction. The current customers that Upayas, is servicing across Pan India are Diebold, Honeywell, Zicom, Agni international, Ccom communications etc. I am sure with strong and dedicated team members like you, we shall be able to cater greater heights in years to come.

I would like to thank you for being an integral part of Upayas. Our success could not have been possible without you and, I look forward to your continued support.

I wish Upayas infotech Pvt Ltd all the very best in its endeavor and hope to see every member of Upayas team reaching greater glories that will make all of us proud with the stand “ We mean what we say”.

Thank you,

Sanjay Pandita